The Race Is Not To The Swift

God's Sovereign Judgement has come upon America. Why? Why did God burn Sodom? You would think that man would learn. But man hasn't. So the Sovereign Judgement of God is upon America.  Floodings, Tornadoes, Destruction. America must Repent and Turn back to the Lord

Stand, The 4th Man Is In The Fire

"Stand, The 4th Man Is In The Fire" were the words the Lord spoke to me this morning. That is the Word from the Lord this morning, May 17, 2022. I was adjusting my Social Media accounts this morning when an overwhelmingness came upon me. The enemy has taken ahold of America. Since the 2020 … Continue reading Stand, The 4th Man Is In The Fire

Gethsemane, The Oil Press

One would have to admit, I mean, even the most skeptical, that those words pack a mighty punch, There is no room for any different interpretation other than exactly what it says. Mark is actually a disciple of Jesus who was often called the Evangelist which Acts 12:12 speaks of. Although he was not one of the twelve Apostles, he did live in the first century and he gives the accounts of Jesus' life.